The information on dogs your kids must know
Owning a dog and a child can be a heady mix for the parents, as they have to pay equal attention to both. Even though you may not realize dog requires as much love and care as you kid for it to grow fond of you. Since handling a dog is not a one-man job you must ask your kids for help. Share the information on dogs with your kids to make them understand how to behave around them and develop a bond with them.

Share this critical information with your child

Always explain them that dogs can hear 10,000 times more than human so shouting or playing loud sounds will be hurtful for them. Chocolates are like poison for dogs but they do not understand how harmful it can be. Ask your kid not to share his chocolate with the dog despite them becoming doe eyed about it. Eating the food with the same hands used to pet the dog can be dangerous for growing kids, as they are not immune to allergies. This information about dog shared with kid will bring them close.

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