Labrador retriever: One of the top dog breed

Snagging the highest ranking in one of the latest lists of most popular dog breeds, the Labrador retriever kept its title as top dog in the country. According to the statistics, it’s the consecutive year that the Lab has claimed the top spot on the list as one of the top dog breeds. Because of it’s a smart, athletic and family-friendly, the Labrador retriever has continued to win over hearts.
Versatile dog breed:
The Lab makes a great companion for a variety of lifestyles and no wonder that it is such a versatile dog. It proves that Lab is one of the top dog breeds. The Labrador retriever doesn’t show signs of giving it up anytime soon and has a strong hold on the top spot. The German shepherd and Golden Retriever are constantly trying to be ahead of the Labrador retriever. In this, the Rottweiler has been slowly climbing the ranks in the last decade towards the top.


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